Sunday, October 10, 2010

F1 legend James Hunt who bedded 5,000 women

F1 legend James Hunt was a sex addict who bedded 5,000 women as he lived life in the fast lane on and off the track, reveals a new book.
The irresistibly good-looking Formula One champ, who was Britain''s favourite sportsman when he won the F1 world title in 1976, would go at full throttle anytime and anywhere, according to the book.
"He must have slept with at least 5,000 women during his 30-year career as an accomplished and prolific swordsman," News of the World quoted a pal as saying.
Hunt - who died of a heart attack in 1993 aged 45 - liked to have sex minutes before races - fitting in a quick pit stop just before the Japanese Grand Prix, which crowned him world champ.
In fact, his unconventional title bid preparation involved a two-week booze and drug bender with his pal, world motorcycling champ Barry Sheene.
In the expos ©, racing expert Tom Rubython reveals Hunt was more interested in romping with 36 BA hostesses on stopovers at his Tokyo hotel, bedding up to four a night.
He wrote: "It wasn''t unusual for Hunt and Sheene to have sex with all the BA women, often together."
Even on race day Hunt, who''d wear a T-shirt under his kit boasting "Sex - Breakfast of Champions", found time for women.

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